Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Coming Soon

It's no joke we will be anouncing a new web site full of content dedicated to the network marketer. From low cost marketing to duplicateble systems we are going to dive into the myths lies and deciet that are pervasive throughout this industry.

Teaser - have you been a part of one of those programs where in your heart you couldn't share it with your friends. Think about this for a minute. I know you've heard of the NFL No Friends Left club. Well have you ever sat back and thought about this for a moment.

Have you ever really been honest with yourself long enough to stop justifing your purchase into a business to ask the simple question. Would I share this with my parents.

Anyway I know you wont like everything I have to say...but that's not the point. My only wish for you is it doesn't take to many hurt people below you before you figure out the truth.