Thursday, September 27, 2007

Creating Great Copy a Case Study

Let me start with a warning.

If you have read any of my post then no doubt you have discovered I can be a little long winded at times. Especially if I feel the topic deserves a thorough discussion. Well this just may be the longest post of all time.

That’s the bad news. At the same time reading this post only once will be a waste of your time.

Truly what we are going to discuss today is very important for those of you who are trying to understand how to effectively create web pages which convert high traffic. If you are serious about taking you business to the next level go ahead and make a commitment to yourself to study this post very carefully.

If you take the time to do this you will dramatically increase your learning curve and begin to fully comprehend the nature of quality copywriting. And here is a tip if you haven’t figured it out yet the people who are successful online dedicate themselves to studing what others do.

The people who are scammed as you will soon see and the 97%’s you are hearing so much about these days are the ones who refuse to invest in their education. Today and hopefully over the next few days your education will only cost you time, but it will be time well spent if you break this down and really digest everything below

Alright lets get started.

To begin with lets step back and reveal the reasons for writing this post. Plus the reason why I have put so much of my time into this report. Just like everyone else out their running a successful online business I receive emails from legitimate people searching for help.

Today I received an email from someone I have been working with for a week or so now. Below is the email he sent, pay close attention. While you read this examine the words he uses.

  • What do you think his experience has been so far related to internet marketing?
  • What does he fear?
  • What is he hoping to find?

If you pay attention and really study what he says you will know more about my friend than he knows about himself. You will also see why he sent me the link to a website he was destined to find.

Read that last sentence again. It is imperative you understand the intent of this paragraph because people spend 4 years in college for a degree in marketing and still don’t understand the most fundamental element. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE.

HI, Ken

As always I'm searching the Web, and here is a site that Jackie Holden

put some time and effort into. For what ever it worth, check it out. it could yield

some very good information.

note; this is of a different nature! go to (google search) and type in T.J. Rohleder

He is CEO of M.O.R.E. Incorporation, and listed under SCAM and RIPOFF files.

this is quite shocking.

E.R.S Sr

So what do you think? What is it my friend looking for? What do you think he is likely to find on the internet?

If you understand that like attracts like then you also understand people looking for scams will find them. If you understand people looking for scams also want a solution you have a very targeted market. This is also why so many people fail. They refuse to ask the questions and find the answer to “Who is my target audience?”

Now I want you to read the following analysis of the web site my friend asked me to take a look at. Don’t go there now. Lets preview what you are going to see. That way when you get there you will understand how a carefully crafted web site works.

(Note: I do not endorse or dismiss the content or product of this site. The purpose here is to educate you on the fundamentals of copy writing. I don’t know the owner of this site and any complements I give are solely because the author KNOW”S HER AUDIENCE.)

For starters as soon as you get to this site you find a header speaking directly to the audience

“Warning – If you do not read this page you will get scammed!!”

We are off to a good start. Read the email from my friend again if you don’t believe me. Pay attention to the colors here. Every thing is red. Also make a mental note to watch the colors change through out the page.

After the warning and the high call to action the author takes a bold move and puts a capture form right at the very top of the page. Pay attention to the form. There is more effort put into this form than most are willing to put into an entire web page. Note the Microsoft logo on the box. Pay close attention to the words used:

  • Free
  • Limited Time Only
  • Instant Approval
  • Simply
  • Secret Tool

You should also notice this will be removed the next time you come back. Check out the little no spam police man at the bottom.

Here you have a form with no downside, free stuff with the creditability of Microsoft and the danger of losing out if you don’t get this $497 product now. Did you catch that last sentence?

If you have studied anything by Joe Vitale ( then you will certainly understand the significance of the price.

Perhaps you are unaware that odd numbers especially ones with 9 and 7 are hypnotic. They have an alluring effect on readers keep this in mind as you read down the page. Numbers add significance to people especially ones that appear random. Even numbers like 2, 4, 6, and 8 do not have the same effect. Why? I don’t know, but study after study shows this is the case.

Moving along you will see a picture of our messenger. Like they say a picture is worth a thousand words and I don’t think I could say anything about this picture you wouldn’t come up with yourself. She defiantly knows her audience, enough said.

Notice also everything is still in red and pay attention to all the NOT’s and Warnings. Remember my friend again and see if she is speaking directly to him when she says “If you ignore my advice you’re a sucker that deserves to be scammed!!!” Pretty harsh, but it gets the point across don’t you think?

By now you will begin to see how important it is to understand who you are speaking too?

Now lets look at the story. Pay close attention to questions she asks and the statements she makes. Any quality copy writer will anticipate the questions, concerns or in this case past failure of their audience. You must demonstrate quickly you have been in their shoes. You know their pain. You are just like them. Basically tell them what they already know or believe to be true. This way you can begin to subtly indicate a solution is coming.

Notice how the ad copy paints a picture of doom “…every time has its opportunities – but every time always comes to an end”. Do you understand what is happening here? Think about this when your reading. Pretend you’re my friend hoping to find something soon. Pretend you’re in his shoes. How would this sentence affect your emotional well being?

This one sentence is very clever and is a subtle foreshadowing of a solution to come. Plus it is building the momentum for action. Just stop for a moment and think about the American culture and the things you have heard growing up.

  • The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Why because the rich have the insider information.

Sentences like this are so powerful because people draw their own conclusions. If you know what people think and understand the psychology behind phrases you can ad hypnotic statements which will lead your reader to conclusions favorable to your desired outcome.

Then when your reader has arrived at these conclusions themselves you can insert her next powerful line “…an individual like you and me really can make a fortune on the internet with very little effort.” Ah that’s what my friend wants to hear. “You and me…” and more important “Very Little Effort”

Enter a heart felt “don’t quit your job” for added credibility throw a few programs under the bus and now the hook is set for the rest of the page.

Continue with a little embarrassing story about yourself and hit them with the “Truth”. At least the truth that the reader already believes to be true.

Notice how several internet programs are discussed and put down.

Why so many? What is the likelihood my friend has bought or is considered buying one of these programs? If he has he probably has the same feelings. If he hasn’t he will be grateful for the heads up.

So why did we take so much time discussing the fundamentals of this web site. Was it to discourage you? Was it to end all hope of ever making money on the internet? Was is so you would decide this stuff is too hard and pack it up and keep your day job?

No to all three. Hopefully, the effort put into creating this post will shed some light on what’s ahead and what is possible. Warning J my opinion is coming.

This report exposes something many people never understand. It truly exposes why so many people fail. The internet has opened up the floodgates for everything and I mean EVERYTHING. Good, Bad, Spiritual and Evil.

But the reason people fail in my opinion is they want something easy. Did you notice all the build up to this one fix all solution? Perhaps you did and your patting yourself on the back about now.

But did you miss the ultimate key the unspoken mystery? Jackie even told you if you were paying attention. This business takes time. So give yourself a break and decide once and for all you will or will not invest in yourself.

I believe you have what it takes to make it. No that’s not smoke being blown up your skirt. Just by making it to the end of this you have shown more will and determination than the 97% we hear so much about these days.

God Bless you and your journey to success.


Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Dirty Little Keyword Secrets No One Would Reveal, Until Now.

Have you ever wondered how it is that so many people are advertising on the nternet using PPC. Even more if you have ever tried Adwords yourself then no doubt you are well aware that developing a solid keyword rich campaign can be time consuming. Even worse if you don’t put in the time in the beginning you will definitely be billed for the lack of education.

Personally, I make no secret that my passion is direct sales and internet marketing. The problem is it seems to be a very secretive society of individuals scared of sharing with the world their great success secrets. Trust me before the end of this article you will be enlightened beyond the powers of the great gods of PPC, and even Perry Marshall himself.

But first let me share with you what I found out there because I was stubborn and unwilling to look for the real answers. Personally, I am almost ashamed to say, I have paid people to set up ineffective keyword accounts. Sad part is, it was when I was one of the “Newbie Direct Sales Suckers”.

I didn’t know how some of these less regulated communities work. One evening I was excitedly listening to this guy on a conference call talking about how he has 20,000 keywords. Wow, I thought that must be amazing “20 thousand keywords”, I remember thinking. “I have to talk to this guy” and at that moment, as though a gift of all gifts, he accidentally gave out his instant message (IM) id, at least it seemed accidental?

Looking back, he was clever and I was just the fish to bite. Hungry and desperate with little help from anyone else I whipped out an IM to this keyword god, “HELP PLEASE”? Three Hundred Bucks later I had eight Google campaigns joyfully stuffed with 20,000 keywords.

“Here we go I am gonna be rich now”

WRONG, with clicks flying out like a soft pitch to Barry Bond’s, my 20,000 keywords where costing me a fortune. Petrified I shut it down and realized I was going to have to do some research to figure this stuff out.

Now here is the good new, better yet this is the great news. There is a way to cut your learning curve not only in half, but quite literally to the absolute bare bone. Truth be told you can just about steal effective keywords from the best place, your competitors.

You could take the path I did and pay for a bunch of keywords. A better idea would be to just use tools you can easily find with a quick Google search on terms like “find keywords”.

However there is a better way in fact it is the fastest and best way. I couldn’t even believe it was legal, but it is. You can actually use spy programs which will not only tell you what keywords your competitors use, but more importantly the 20,000 keywords they don’t use. These tools will even give you the Ads, bid amounts, bid popularity, other competitors and much much more.

It sounds to good to be true and the reason you don’t hear about this is most marketers are;
  • Failing
  • They only know one way to attract traffic and are scared to give away the farm
  • They don’t know what they are doing
  • They have figured it all out and don’t care if you win or not
Because they have already won your success really isn’t a concern.

Nonetheless here is a contradictory fact. When you can drive traffic regularly to your site you will be more than willing to give away every secret you learn. After all when you can spy on your competition and they can spy on you there really is no secret to hide.

To find spy programs just search for phrases like “keyword spy” or “google spy”. You will find plenty.


Step by step where to find spytools and how they work.

Recommended Keyword Spy Tools it's free They provide a free trial It's Free Not free, but almost and so easy to use, Brilliant

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