Thursday, November 27, 2008

Internet Marketing Questions

Ever wish you could get your freakin questions answered?

Well for three years I searched for advice. From various people and what frustrated me the most was everyone was so concerned on making a sale off me, that my questions where never answered.

I went to forum after forum in search of answers only to find silly non productive responses with a stupid signature line at the bottom.

You know the ones that say something like..."If you want a realistic $250K click this link "" and find the answer to your question"

Anyway I have a little community to share with you that doesn't allow signature files. Nope just quality content. Yes you can put your website in your profile.

Quick hint - quality prospects will search your profile NOT your signature file. Haven't you figured this out yet
Anyway this site doesn't allow you to look silly. Provide quality answers and get quality answers to earn points.

It's free and powerful so if you need to check this out just click the banner below. banners

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Magically Create a Free Web Page...In Less that 7 Minutes

Let a ten thumbed dad show you how to create a simple free landing page.