Friday, March 30, 2007

Does this stuff really work? continued

Well hopefully you have pondered the posts from the past few days. If not you can review them below.

So we left off with a hint and a reference to a movie. Well big suspense is better left to masters like Stephen King so I will just go ahead and lay it on you.

Today let's meet Dan Millman. I was first given his book by my mom about 15 years ago. Vaguely I recall reading the book and thinking that it was a nice story. With little thought about the book over the years I am stil intrequed as to why I was digging around my old books a few months ago and found this book. I pulled it out dusted it off and skimmed through a few pages. Then life called and I set the book down.

Funny thing the way life works though is when you have something on the brain it just seems to keep coming back to you in odd ways. Remember I said it was nearly 15 years since I read this book and even after finding this book again it seemed to escape me for a week or two.

Now you know how when you buy a new car it suddenly seems everyone else is driving your car. It's almost as though there was a sale and no one told you. If you do any research on this subject you will find many say this is due to the reticular activator. We won't discuss this today, but it is interesting to note that much like your new car this book began to show up everywhere.

I heard Tony Robbins mention it. I received a call from a friend asking if I knew the movie was coming out, which I didn't even know one was being made. One day visiting a friend I looked at his book shelf and just guess which book jumped off the shelf to catch my eye. Yes, Dan Mailman's "Way of the Peaceful Warrior".

Funny thing looking back is we are beginning to hear so much about the laws of attraction it seems a bit funny how this book suddenly came back into my life. The best reason I can think of for reading this book agian is this. It's pure, no nonsense and will make an impact on anyone who reads it.

Now we got of track and didn't really discuss this book, but whether you know it or not we skirted around it's essence. Do yourself a favor and introduce yourself to Dan Mailman's work. I promise his audios and books reveal more about the art of life, meditation, and companionship than most have pondered.

Here is a preview of one of the most respected educators in the business of personal development. Enjoy

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Does this stuff really work, Continued

Recently we discussed my opinions on self help products and services. Since writing that entry my mind has been racing. It occurs to me that this topic is bigger than can be expressed with a few words in a blog or the few moments it will take you to read this entry. However, it has also inspired me to share over the next few days a couple insights I would like to share as well as quality resources to pursue. I will allude to my definition of "quality" in a moment.

Have you ever noticed these days that virtually any self help publication or product leaves you feeling incomplete, or that you need more of the "___________". You may or may not be aware that this is a clever and well devised marketing strategy used by many of the most effective marketers out there. Personally I like these publications for odd reasons, but quite honestly they fascinate me with how effectivly they draw people in.

You see I am no different than many and have purchased stuff before because the marketing was so compelling. I just knew that this product would help me lose weight. My Bowflex is a testament to the brilliance of marketing and after two years sitting nearly idle I finally began taking action to use it, but that was 25 pounds ago a LOT of walking and a story for another day.

The point we are getting to is two fold. One, I really am fascinated by the art of marketing and how the human mind works, which is why so many of the books, courses and seminars that appeal to me are centered around how we work. The second point here is simply that nothing frustrates me more than to succumb to marketing only to find out I have purchased a great marketing piece with little substance. Even worse one that gives only enough information to convince you of the producers ability to teach you what you want just by coming to the exclusive and much more expensive seminar or "ULTRA EXCLUSIVE SECRET ADMISSOIN ONLY BEHIND THE SCENE yada yada yada" you get the point.

Personally this type of marketing obviously works but most often leaves the purchaser feeling duped or conned. You see when someone doesn't deliver what I believe I am paying for the first time, what is there to prevent them from falling short when I get to the big seminar. Doesn't it only make sense that the big seminar will be just another propaganda explosion to get you to spend more on the even BIGGER BOOTCAMP where all the exclusive SECRETS will be exposed.

So with that said I will be sharing with you a few key pieces of work which I have found very effective in opening your eyes to what is truly available out there. No, it wont cost you any money and I will not use affiliate links to get you there. Infact most of what I will share will be challenging to find. You see I will be sharing development products before they relized you could make more money by "Always leave them wanting MORE".

Yes this is going to be hipocritical, but you get what you pay for and Yes you will have to come back tomorrow to see the first installment, but here is a hint. Nick is a key character of his latest movie.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Do you really believe this stuff works?

This is a question I was asked by a close fried of mine recently. We were discussing a few books I had read and the insights received from them. When out of the blue we switched to a discussion of does this stuff really work. In a moment a flood of thoughts emotions and questions ran through the morass of my mind. At the same time I began to recognize the symptoms of self doubt, anxiety and confusion just before going into a defensive posture. It was in this realization that my answer came to me.

In that brief flash of time I went from a friendly conversation to self doubt, does this stuff really work, to an answer that surprised even me as the response rolled off my tongue.

No I don't think this stuff really works. Just look around at all the self help books, courses and movies out there and people still ask questions like does this stuff work. I even recommend and have laid many of the books I have read and feel to have been beneficial in my life on my my blog, but the answer is still the same. No this stuff doesn't work or everyone who ever picked up a book would be "cured".

The problem is people often take a seminar, read a book or listen to a new audio and HOPE this is going to be the one to fix everything. Everyone is so excited about this one. Even the latest sensation "The Secret" has millions of people clamoring to see what its all about. Some want to debunk the message while others watch hoping this will be the one that answers all the questions of why they don't enjoy their current situation.

What people tend to forget is we have free will and have the ability to chose what ever we want. This is the beauty of being human and the curse at the same time. When you use one of these personal development tools my suggestion is you use it as a tool and go in asking yourself "what will I learn from this experience". My personal experience has been much more beneficial when approaching development as one of my personal responsibly vs looking for how "IT" will work. Ultimately I believe a few things need to take place to gain the most value from personal development materials.

1. Repetition
2. Variety - libraries are packed full of books, movies and audios. Check them all out and find a few authors that have a stile you connect with
3. multiple formats - books, audio books, ebooks, seminars, online courses
4. discard what doesn't FEEL right, accept what does
5. relax and know you are always in control of your beliefs, good, bad or indifferent.

The point that is trying to be expressed here is yes personal development products are great, insightful and provide millions of people tools for taking control of their life. What people often forget in life is you get out what you put in. Ultimately the question of "Does this stuff work" falls in the hands of the user.

If you look for why something will fail you will find failure. If you look for why something will succeed you will find success. With a news media geared towards sensationalizing misery, doom and gloom, and the horrors of life its easy to see why we are programed to look for the why not's vs the why not (think about that one a moment).

Churchill said "Never give up, Never give up, Never give UP" and I would agree.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Lessons from Dad

If you know me then you also know how highly I think of my father. At our earliest of ages he instilled some of the core beliefs I hold dear especially now that I have three beautiful children of my own. One of these qualities, which was such a struggle for me, was absolute honesty. You have no idea how many times we heard that one lie breeds a thousand and life has enough going on without wasting time trying keep track of all your lies. I found out from experience and through his lessons that life is easier and requires much less work to simply tell the truth. Have I lied in life absolutely, with cost outweighing the benefit every time.

Problem is we are trained that subtle mis truths are necessary for success. "Sure I got that report done" "I was stuck in traffic" "It's easy, anyone can do it". You even see it on TV and Internet "...he made $97,000 his first month in this business" but he was in anther businesses just like it for 3 years learning his craft before that 97k. New investor has $1,000,000 net worth using this no risk system, Yeah his net worth is paper showing the bank as the true owner. Don't get me wrong I know there are plenty of ways to make money. The problem I have is when so many of these advertisers seek out the lottery ticket hopefuls of the world.

If the guru's marketed their products to people who really what a change and prepared them for the challenges ahead. If they did this I am absolutely convinced more people would see true results in their lives. Companies that sell wealth creation products seldom set the buyer up for real success and only peddle hope.

People understandably what to get rich quick and are never really taught the fundamentals of obtaining wealth. Stay with me now and trust me I know, this is beginning to sound like bad news. I remember sitting in seminars and hearing the speaker say "...this is a get rich SLLOOWWW game". I'm telling you a bullet would have been less painful upon hearing these words. DIEING inside every nerve and impulse screaming NO! that guy on TV said I would get rich quick. PLEASE GOD isn't there any way to make money quicker than a paycheck. Can't you see I am a good person I work hard I have dreams and children and a wife to take care of. I don't have time to get rich slow. I need money now.

You see I was like so many others out there who know there is a better way and would do what ever it took as long as I felt I could win. Embarrassed to say I have been up late at night finding myself captivated by the sales techniques of the real estate guru's. The what they tell and sell is exactly what you get, but they as Paul Harvey would say "Now the rest of the story". They don't tell you that you are going to have to learn to get out of your comfort zone. You have to commit to learning new skills that entrepreneurs have. You will have to spend money. Yes you can buy a house with nothing down, but you have to find the house correctly.

My point here is no business endeavor I have found is free. Some cost less than others, but ultimately building a business cost's money. Ideally you will make enough so you can spend more which ultimately will pay you back with increased time and money, this is a fundamental element of leverage.

The truth shall set you free

Which brings me to his second great life lesson. Dad would always tell me, "Kenny the key to making money is to do what you love". WHAT? that's your great advice. I don't have a clue what I love or really even like for that matter... It took me years to figure this out and exasperated me to no end. "Do what you love, what is he talking about?" I don't love to work, I don't love to sell, I don't love being away from my family.

You see what I did know was what I didn't love and underneath it all my secret love was something I was unwilling to be honest with myself about for so many years. Even in my earliest of years I have always enjoyed selfless generosity. Sounds funny, but its true. I have always loved to help people grow and become better people by knowing me. Don't get me wrong I am far from perfect and if you worked with me in any of my eight years in Corporate America you would probably stand a few feet away, while watching for lightning upon reading this.

Fact is though my greatest love in life is showing people what has helped me and allowing them to share what has helped them in life. These articles are ultimately written because I have occasional impulses to share my life. My hope is that you will take a nugget here and there which ultimately leads you to your dreams.