Thursday, October 23, 2008

Are Safe List's really Safe

When I first heard of safe list's I was a little skeptical. No I was very skeptical. It just didn't make sense to pay to join a service like Herculist just so I could receive a few thousand blatant sales pitches a day.

People are too smart today to actually use a real email address for this type of advertising to be effective.

Now if you don't know how the safe list of old work here it is in a nutshell. Basically you pay, we'll get around this in a minute. Anyway you pay to join a list and agree to accept advertisements in your inbox. In exchange you get to blast other people with your advertisements.

Problem is after you joined and started sending out your little comments across the internet dreaming of building your list something dawns on you.

Your not checking your email and the big question begins to sink in, "Is anyone reading my email?"

Your blood starts to boil realizing you paid to be a member of a SPAM community that only benefits the creator or the "LIST"

Enter 2008 and a new spin on things.

Taking the theory of traffic swarm and combining with with a safe list now you have something to work with called List Joe.


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