Monday, October 13, 2008

The Funnel Ends...maybe?

You've reached the point of no return.

For three years I have worked to detangle the web. For years I followed blindly listening to people who gave bad advice on top of bad advice. Struggeling to figure all this stuff out just so I could look my friends and family in the eye I searched everywhere for the answer.

Finally one day a young man showed me a little trick. You might even say it's a militant tactic. Either way results are what's important and without boring you to death with little details let me just share this.

If you want to own Google this example is exactly how I do it. It's a living breathing example of how to accomplish two things with minimal effort. A few days ago you may have noticed a little blog entry about winzip.

Perhaps it seemed out of place to include something like a little blurb about something as mundane as a free product that personally offers no monetary gain for sharing.

If this is the case let me share something with you.

What you have witnessed if you followed through the cycle is how to gain maximum exposure for select keywords. It was the best way I could think of to share how you can quickly develop set it and forget it marketing pieces that just beg for someone to find YOU.

We didn't even have to give away the farm. Instead you have witnessed first hand how to take over front page google with a simple key word. 7 zip and winzip.

Imagine the internet real estate you could own just following the rules Google has laid out. Check it out for yourself by typing Goodbye Winzip on Google.

Here's a video showing how this works, ENJOY

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